Classy Cooking: Banana Pancakes

Happy Monday Prepsters!

I thought that I’d try out posting something a little different. Opinions would be greatly appreciated. I consider myself a “clean-eating”/ healthy lifestyle advocate. I do try to practice what I preach! I am going to share with you my favorite recipes that compliment a healthy lifestyle. They are incredibly delicious and nutritious!

***Disclaimer: I am by no means a dietary professional. I simply found foods that have allowed me to become healthier. I figure why not share my knowledge with y’all. 🙂

Originally, I found this recipe on Blogilates. I have adapted it a tad to my liking.

Banana Pancakes

What you need:

1 Banana
1 Egg
1/4 Cup of Egg Whites (either bought in a box or from an egg)
Vegetable Oil
A Bowl
A Whisk
A Skillet
A Stove
A Spatula


1. Gather all materials. Turn on stove-top to a medium setting. Place the skillet on the stove-top, allowing it to heat up.
2. Peal the banana and break it into small “chunks” in a bowl. Mash the banana into a paste. (Note: It is perfectly OK to have a few chunks left, it doesn’t need to be a perfect paste consistency.)
3. Crack the egg into the bowl and add 1/4 cup of egg whites. (Note: A 1/4 cup of egg whites is the same as 1 egg’s whites.)
4. Stir up the ingredients.
5. Spray your hot skillet with vegetable oil so the pancakes don’t stick.
6. Proceed to make the banana pancakes (Note: It is the same as making regular pancakes).
7. After you’re all done, clean up and enjoy! 🙂


Nutrition Facts:

1 Banana: 90-135 calories
1 Egg: 80 calories
1/4 Egg Whites: 25 calories
(Why Vegetable Oil? It is A LOT better for you than butter!)

Total: 195-240 calories

***All numbers are approximate!

Comment if you try out this recipe or if you have a good one that I should try!

Stay Classy,