Shopping Trip Haul! (With a Special Guest!)

Good Evening Prepsters!

I finished shopping a few hours ago and it was tons of fun! I got Chipotle for lunch with Julia and now it’s time to unwind and blog.


*DISCLAIMER: I am in no way shape or form trying to brag. I just finished a stressful week of midterms and I am blowing off the stress with some retail therapy. 🙂

Olivia’s Purchases:

Cream Peplum Top
Cheetah Flats with Hot Pink Toe

NAKED Basics Palette
Brush Shampoo

Grey and White Striped Shirt with Red Anchor

(40% OFF Clearance!)

Black Bra (Bridget)

(40% OFF Bra’s!)

Bath and Body Works:
4 Wallflowers (Island Margarita, Caribbean Escape, Frosted Cupcake, and Pineapple Mango
Scent Portable (Peach Bellini)
Room Spray (Caribbean Escape)

(4 for $20 and 20% OFF Purchase!)

Julia’s Purchases:

Forever 21:
Striped Sweater (Navy, Cream, and Coral).
Sky Blue Jeggings.
Nautical (Navy and White Stripped) Cotton Dress.

J Crew:
Kelly Green Matchstick Pants

(50% OFF Clearance!)

Navy T-shirt with Tiny White Anchors

(40% OFF Clearance!)

Pink (Bridget) and Nude (Harper) Bra

(40% OFF Bra’s!)

Cream and Coral stripped 3/4 Length Shirt.

Today Julia and I were feeling daring and wanted to try something new at Starbucks. Usually, I get an Iced Green Tea and she usually gets the same or a Skinny Cafe Vanilla Frapp. We both tried the Skinny Green Tea Frapp and let me tell you they were delectable! I was pleasantly surprised how much I loved it! To me, it tastes like mint-chocolate ice cream (yum!). It is definitely going to be one of my staples now. What do you recommend to get at Starbucks? Comment below! 🙂

Stay Classy,




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